Mayer Hawthorne - I Left My Heart in San Francisco (by stonesthrow)


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You need to watch this , he is talking about something I’ve been thinking for a few years now.


Tervo, Finland (by Paatus//)

Hi ! Sorry for not writing for a long time ,but I had a lot of stuff going on while I was in UK and when I came back home I needed to get to my normal life . So I don’t know why but my tumblr blog posts order is fucked up and I don’t know what to do about it , so if you are looking for something here try opening older post although they aren’t older . So I skipped the day 7 because I couldn’t write anything about it in the diary and I can’t here because I just don’t remember anything . That’s probably side effect of too much alcohol and weed. And the problem is I can’t even normally remember the day 8 . I remember that we tried to buy tickets for a bus to Leeds ,but there wasn’t enough money on the card and we couldn’t do it . That’s pretty much all I can tell you . Well know I can say that being 24/7 high isn’t the best thing for a blogger but forgetting to write diary is even worse . So I hope tomorrow I will write more about the trip not about my personal problems so look forward to it . Cya :)